The new model ECO 80, 8 TONS is born from the family of vertical splitters with medium power belonging to the Hobby line.

Its peculiarity is the its fixed table, but it keeps all technical features, working characteristics, reliability and strongness of its “biggest brothers”.

The control levers opening, with the 2-hands safety system, allows a split of a log with a diameter from 150 to 400 mm and a maximal height of 580 mm

  • - It has a chain for a fast and easy regulation of the knife stroke, with automatic return stroke.
  • - It doesn’t need any particular maintenace
  • - It takes up very little space and it is always ready and easy to use.
  • - Easy to move thanks to the standard wheels of 200mm ø
  • - Available in two versions: EL one phase 230V. Or ET three phase 400 Volt.
  • - High-quality Italian components
  • - Excellent price/quality ratio

This splitter has been tought mainly for hobby but it can be suitable also for a semiprofessional use.

Accessories on request:

  • 4-way-wedge
  • rapid way wedge
  • Double Pump 2 Speed for electrical engine EM 230V.

Technical Specifications downloading