The HBS splitters range, is composed by three different models with similar technical details, but with a splitting power that may vary from 6 to 8 to 10 Ton.

They are made up by a vertical structure, with operation on a telescopic column, which allows to reach a good work ergonomics with a very compact structure.

The special table is adjustable on different heights, easy to position and remove with a very little effort.

The control levers opening, with the 2 – hands safety system, allows a split of a log with a diameter from 150 mm to 400mm with a maximal height of 1200mm.

  • It is provided of a bar for a fast and easy regulation of the knife stroke, with automatic return stroke.
  • It doesn’t need any particular maintenance
  • It takes up very little space and it is always ready and easy to use
  • Easy to move thanks to its standard wheels of 200 mm ø
  • High-quality Italian components
  • Excellent price/quality ratio

The hobby line has been thought both for hobby and for a semi-professional use.

Available versions:

- EM-ET: electrical motor EL single phase 230 V. Or ET three phase 400V.

- MS: internal combustion engine Briggs & Stratton or Honda 4-stroke engine 6.5 HP.

- PD: 3 point linkage feeding by the tractor hydraulics

- CD: 3 point linkage feeding by tractor PTO shaft with 540 rpm

- CD+EM/ET: combined with electrical motor + PTO tractor 540 rpm

Hydraulic pump with right or left rotation available on request

Accessories on request:

  • 4-way-wedge
  • rapid-way wedge
  • PTO pump with fast female joint
  • Double 2 Speed Pump on electrical and internal combustion motor
Technical Specifications downloading