Quality and innovation manufacturer

The Company Iross srl produces a wide range of forestry equipement suitable for cutting and processing firewood; these machines are able to fully satisfy the diverse wishes and needs of its broad and loyal clientele not only spread throughout Europe but it reaches also some Asian countries and to the west even to Canada.

The company main pride is to be able to furnish products that are completely planned and realized within its plants, with the aid of Italian components, guarantying therefore the final product absolute quality.

The company Iross srl was established in 1993, as a satellite company of the Rossi firm, the family business that boasts more than 30 years’ experience in the metal carpentry field and is well known and appreciated all over center and northern Italy because it makes use of innovative and cutting edge technological systems, in order to optimize production methods to reduce the costs.

The company Rossi has at its disposal a wide and modern range of machines for the complete tinfoil and iron material processing, such as laser cutting system, bending machine, CNC machinining center for turning milling and drilling, robotic welding, computerized sandblast and powder coating.


The continuous search for technological innovation applied to the product is the result of the passion with which the company staff management faces every day this hard world-wide challenge. This approach has already led to be the unique in the world to produce the SUPERVELOX CYLINDER, a patented component that makes the cylinder stroke extremely fast, thanks to an extraordinary concept, and a HYDRAULIC WINCH covered by a national patent, that installed on the splitters, reduces any effort while moving logs, revolutionizing all over the world, the firewood processing.

This and other succeses are the result of important guiding values such as:

  • Reliability and precision
  • Professionalism and responsability
  • Orientation to the future and to productivity
  • Respect of regulation for enviromental conservation
  • Multiplicity and diversification in production
  • Collaboration with important universities and research centers
  • Fast after-sales service and technical support for the customers